Potent Drug Cocktails Can Kill Troops

Many doctors prescribe potent cocktails of narcotics and psychiatric drugs for U.S. troops suffering from stress and depression. The interaction of these drugs can sometimes even cause death. The U.S. military’s medical personnel routinely prescribe potent drugs, sometimes leading to deadly results.

More than 300,000 military personnel have come back to the U.S. from Afghanistan and Iraq suffering from traumatic brain injury, depression or post traumatic stress disorder, or a combination of these ailments. The Pentagon’s doctors have resorted to using psychiatric drugs to treat these conditions.

But, these medications and narcotic painkillers are causing such problems as fatal accidents, suicides and drug dependency. The Army revealed last year that 33% of its personnel were using at least one prescribed drug. These medications have been linked to one-third of the 162 suicides by soldiers in 2009. Between 2006-09, 101 soldiers died because of potent prescription drug cocktails. All these problems have prompted the military to try out more natural treatments such as yoga and acupuncture.

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