Montana Bids to End Medical Marijuana Use

Last week, the Montana House of Representatives concurred to repeal the use of medical marijuana. This has pushed the state in the spotlight regarding medical marijuana, which is legal in 15 states plus the District of Columbia.

Montana legislators say medical marijuana is encouraging recreational usage. They fear it could lead to gang wars in the state and corrupt the youth. That is why the state has decided to shut down medical marijuana use. Other states like New Mexico, Colorado and New Jersey are also actively grappling with the medical marijuana issue.

In Montana, patients using medical marijuana have quadrupled, which has spawned businesses supplying or growing the drug. Besides, medical marijuana has also increased social suspicions between its rural and urban communities. The repeal could also be because of the change in Montana politics. Republicans now hold a 68-32 majority in the House of Representatives and a 28-22 majority in the senate.

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