Married Couples in the UK are the Happiest

The findings published in Understanding Society reveals that about 90% of the individuals living in the United Kingdom with a partner are happy in their relationship. This makes UK one big happy nation for couples. The study also shows that the happiest couples are those where both the partners are educated, without children, together for less than 5 years and the man is employed. The factors which have an effect on the happiness levels are the relationship status, age, and the period of the relationship.

The researchers asked both the partners to rate the happiness quotient in their relationship. The lowest rate being ai???extremely unhappy, middle rate was ai???happyai??? and the highest was ai???perfectai???. The report revealed that about 90% married women and about 88% cohabiting women have happy relationships. About 93% married men and about 92% cohabiting men had happy relationships.

After looking at all the aspects and factors like age, gender, children, duration etc., it was noticed that married people were happier than their cohabiting counterparts.

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