“Spray” Adult Stem Cells on Burns and get Cured Miraculously!

Adult stem cells hit the limelight again, this time by miraculously treating burn victims. Previously, skin grafting was the only reliable method of treatment, which tends to cause infections or rejects donor skin. These complications were ruled out in the research conducted at the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine in Pittsburgh.

Dr. David Prentice, who is a Senior Fellow at the Family Research Council (FRC) in the department of life sciences quotes, “[They] can take a patient’s own adult stem cells, and they literally spray on skin – forming stem cells, kind of like you were spray painting,” He further states, “They’ve shown that they can use it to regenerate skin and protect after burns.”

It was observed that the burns were entirely treated and healed in a severe burn patient . This simple strategy of spraying patient’s own adult stem cells derived from his or her skin or bone marrow has also shown positive results in healing ulcers in diabetic patients.

This research is indeed a breakthrough in a country like the USA, where the research on embryonic stem cells, derived from human embryos is considered unethical.

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