Partner Good at Recovering from Conflict Ideal for Satisfying Relationship

A person who can recover from a conflict well is ideal for a stable and fulfilling romantic relationship, says a study by the researchers the University of Minnesota College of Education and Human Development’s Institute of Child Development. The research studies how people overcome or recover after a spat with the partner.

Jessica Salvatore, the lead author of the study looks at a new area of relationship. In the earlier study, the focus was how the partners resolve a conflict but how they recover after a fight was never studied. The researchers studied 73 young participants.They found that a partner who recovers positively does not allow the conflict affect other areas of the relationship. He/She can separate the spat from other interactions like issues related to parenting.

The research also throws light on the importance of infant attachment security. If the caregiver during our infancy is good at regulating our negative emotions as infants, then we can regulate the negative emotions ourselves better as adults. Therefore, romantic partners who are good at recovering from a conflict well are likely to have a long-lasting and satisfying relationship.

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