Interacting with Other Couples Might Improve Your Relationship

A study conducted at the Wayne State University states that couples that interact with other couples and integrate them in their social lives are more likely to have fulfilling and happy relationship. The study shows that spending time with other couples might greatly improve the long-term relationship between the individuals.

Richard B. Slatcher, assistant professor (Psychology) at the WSU, studied about 60 dating couples. Each of them was paired with other couple and was asked to discuss a set of questions. Half of them got high-disclosure questions requiring intense discussion and the other half got questions which required small talk. It was observed in the study that couples with high-disclosure questions felt closer to the other couple. They were also more likely to meet each other the following month. These couples felt that this interaction had put a spark in their own relationship.

The study reveals that when your relationship becomes dull, it is time to mingle with the other couples. This might make your own relationship more satisfying and joyous.

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