Excessive Calcification Might be a Cause of Preterm Deliveries

According to a study conducted at the Yale School of Medicine, excessive calcification in amniotic fluid might be one of the reasons of PPROM preterm premature rupture of the membranes which leads to preterm delivery. This preterm birth is a leading cause of permanent disability and even death among the newborns.

Lydia Shook, lead author of the study, along with her co-authors observed a stain to check the calium deposits in the placental and the fetal membrane tissue from the patients of PPROM and also the full-term deliveries. The researchers noticed the evidence of calcium deposits of the fetal membrane which was collected from the preterm deliveries.

Shook says that this evidence suggests that the amniotic fluids are capable of forming nanoparticles and deposit these particles in the fetal membranes. The main aim of the study is to find out if the woman is at a risk of developing PPROM and to treat it accordingly.

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