Eating Berries Might Decrease Parkinson’s Disease Risk

Besides the several health benefits of berries, a new research reveals that eating berries regularly might lower the chances of developing Parkinson’s disease. Men can also benefit themselves by eating oranges, apples and other dietary sources of flavonoids. The research was supported by National Institutes of Health.

The study observed 80,336 women and 49,281 men. They were asked about their consumption of flavonoid. The researchers analyzed the relation between flavonoids consumption and the risk of Parkinson’s disease.Th e study followed the participants for about 22 years. It was found that 20% men who had higher flavonoids consumption were about 40% less likely to suffer from Parkinson’sthan the 20% men who had less flavonoids consumption. However, in women, no such link was observed between flavonoids consumption and the Parkinson’s.

According to Xiang Gao, M.D, Harvard School of Public Health in Boston and the study author, the study shows that flavonoids might have neuroprotective effects. It can be a healthy and natural way of preventing Parkinson’s Disease.

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