College Students Likely to Engage in “Risky Behavior” During Spring Break

An interesting study by the researchers from the University of Michigan shows the behaviour of the youth during their spring break. It says that around 60% of about 650 freshmen reported of having an understanding with their friends regarding alcohol consumption during the spring break. According to Megan Patrick, lead author of the study, the understanding among the students and their friends is a vital indicator of alcohol consumption and the sexual behaviour.
Patrick and colleagues from the Penn State, surveyed about 650 college freshmen before as well as after the spring break. They made the following observations:

  • About 24% participants said that they would agree with friends to get drunk
  • About 18% students said that do not agree with friends to get drunk
  • More than half of the participants said that they do not have any kind of understanding with the friends on their sexual behavior
  • Around 16% said they had understanding with their friends on sexual behavior
  • Men agreed with their friends more than the women to undertake a risky behavior
  • 29% men agreed with friends to get drunk during spring break and only 18% women agreed with their friends
  • Men had an agreement with their friends to have sex with a stranger four times more than the women
  • Women are more likely to have understanding with their friend about safe behavior than the men
  • 23% women agreed not to get drunk and only 14% men agreed to do so
  • 17% women had an understanding with friends about not having sex with stranger during the break against 8% men
  • 19% men had agreement to use condoms during sex and 13% women did so

Megan Patrick says that students were four times more likely to indulge in binge drinking during spring break. Since understanding with the friends is important to students one should encourage discussions with friends to be safe during the break.

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