Marijuana Might Negatively Affect Men’s Sexual Health

Contrary to the popular notion, marijuana does more harm than good to the sexual health of a man. Many studies have been carried out on the pot and its harmful effect on the pot since 1970. According to Rany Shamloul, Physician at the University of Ottawa, University of Cairo and the Queen’s University, some of these studies are high-quality. The penis contains marijuana receptors that might prove harmful in the long run.

In a research published in the journal European Urology, researchers noticed receptors for THC or tetrahydrocannabinol in five male subjects and 6 monkeys. The THC has inhibitory effect on the penis muscles. Marijuana is used frequently among men when they are at their sexual peak. Nearly 162 million people use marijuana worldwide every year. About 22 million use it every day. Most of the men do not realize that it might destroy their sexual prowess in the long run. Shamloul’s findings are published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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