Genetic Screening Test Underway for Hypertension

One out of three Americans suffers from high blood pressure. Yale University researchers have identified two genes which are responsible for this prevalent disorder of the body.

The results of this study are published in the February 2011 issue of the journal Science.

Patients of hyper tension were found to develop a tumor in their adrenal gland. This tumor in turns produces a hormone or signaling molecule known as aldosterone.

A gene was identified in the study whose mutation leads to this undesirable development. It also caused processing of sodium through the channels meant for potassium conduction. Inheritance of this mutation gene causes severe hypertension to run in a family for generations.

As of now, people diagnosed with this condition can only take measures to keep their blood pressure levels under control through medications and lifestyle alterations.

Removal of the tumor is believed to cure this condition. Moreover, the research study has opened up ways to develop genetic screening tests to diagnose hypertension early.

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