Top Bad Habits Harmful for Teeth

Everyone wants to have healthy and strong teeth. Beautiful teeth also add to a beautiful smile. Maintaining oral hygiene is an important part of daily routine. If you fail to do so, it can cost you a lot of money along with the pain. Your gums can become a breeding ground for several diseases. Apart from hygiene, there are various bad habits which can also lead to bad teeth. Like some people chew various other things apart fro food. Some people involve their mouth in various other habits, which can deteriorate the health of teeth. Read about more such habits in this article which can cause harm to your teeth.

Top Bad Habits Harmful for Teeth

Some Bad Habits Bad for Teeth Health
The following are a few bad habits, which can cause harm to your teeth. You should be careful about these bad habits and avoid these bad habits to maintain the beauty of teeth:

  • Teeth as tools – Some people use teeth as tools to open a bag of chips, bottle lid, rip a price tag from clothing and open wires etc. Teeth are precious, they are not meant for these purposes. These activities can have a traumatic effect on teeth and can make the weakened tooth edges to chip off or break easily. These can also lead to misalignments (malocclusion) of teeth. You should use appropriate tools to do the job.
  • Chewing hard objects – Many people have a habit of chewing various objects such as pens’ cap, pencils and other hard objects like ice cubes. These actions can fracture teeth and can also cause damage to gums.
  • Lemons – Some people have a habit of sucking on lemons. If they do it on a regular basis, it can leach the important minerals from teeth and can erode the outer surface of teeth. This condition can make them sensitive to hot and cold foods. This does not implies that you should give up on all vitamin C rich fruits. You should not hold citric fruits and juices for a long period of time in mouth.
  • Nail biting – This bad habit is not only bad for nails, but also for teeth as it can cause chipped and broken front teeth. This bad habit can lead to various bacteria and other germs present beneath the nails to invade mouth and cause various gum infections and cavities.
  • Brushing hard – Some people think that using very hard bristles and applying pressure on teeth while brushing can give more shine to their teeth, which is not at all true. But, the truth is that when you brush hard, it can tear the protective enamel causing receding gums and can cause increased sensitivity in teeth. Hence, you must choose a soft bristled brush and clean them gently.
  • Teeth grinding – The habit of teeth grinding, also called as Chronic bruxism can cause several dental problems to teeth like cracking, chipping, teeth loosening and fracturing. This habit can also cause jaw joints pain, toothache and headache. People often experience this habit while sleeping on a subconscious level due to emotional stress. To prevent this habit, your dentist can provide you with a mouth guard.
  • Drinking too much soft drink – Soft drink consumption on a large scale can lead to tooth decay. The sugar and acids in soft drink are very harmful for your teeth and can lead to cavities formation.
  • White wine intake – Some people prefer white wine over red one as the later one cause teeth staining. But in reality, white wine can lead to more permanent problems because of high acid content. The acid in white wine can wear away the enamel of teeth, exposing the dentin layer of teeth and gives a yellowish appearance. This makes them more vulnerable to the colored drinks and foods. To protect your teeth from staining, rinse your mouth with water and eat cheese with drink to make the acidic level balanced in wine.
  • Thumb sucking – Some kids have a habit of thumb sucking which disturbs the positioning of lower and upper front teeth. This habit makes the lower teeth to fold inside and upper teeth to splay out.

Top Bad Habits Harmful for Teeth

The above are a few examples of a few bad habits which can be harmful for teeth. Thus people, who associate themselves with any of the above habits, should alter their habits to get healthy teeth.

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