Fetal Surgeries Get Encouragement


Hitherto, fetal surgeries were considered a risky option and were only done as a last recourse if the baby’s life was in danger. But, a recent trial has given encouragement to doctors. The clinical trial
reveals that fetal surgeries can help cure babies with abnormalities.

The study was published in The New England Journal of Medicine. It is expected to increase interest in treating fetuses with such problems as bladder blockage or heart defect. The study also highlights the importance of coming up with less-invasive techniques that reduce problems for mothers and babies.

But, all is not hunky dory. The study threw up some downsides too for the infants and their mothers. Birth could be delayed, breathing issues and effects on the mothers’ surgical incisions, which would mandate Cesarean procedures for future births. Ultimately, the researchers concluded that prenatal surgeries have improved, causing less harm to infants and their mothers.

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