Weight and Race Determine Success Rate of Infertility Treatment

According to the American researchers, women who are over-weight and from the minority race might have lower success rate with infertility treatments. Researchers noticed that obese women had lesser chances of having a baby than the thinner ones. Besides weight issues, Hispanic, Asian and Black women had lower rate of success than white females.

The study was conducted on 32,000 infertility procedures that were performed in the US. Overall, about 43% Hispanic women, 38% Asian women and 36% African American women became pregnant. Whereas, in the white women the success rate was 45%.

Dr. Barbara Luke of Michigan State University in East Lansing, says that the excess fats disturbs the hormone levels which makes the conception difficult. As for the racial differences, the possible explanation could be the distribution of fats in the body and also to the level of Vitamin D. Many health conditions common among women belonging to the minority can also be the reason for lower success rates of infertility treatment. The study is published in the journal Fertility and Sterility.

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