Intervention Necessary as soon as the Bahavioral Problems Appear: Study

The researchers at the Centre for Research in Human Development and the Concordia University have linked cortisol levels with the behavioral problems among young people and also to the time period the individuals have experienced these behavior problems. Cortisol is said to be a stress hormone and is believed to be responsible for the behavioral problems. In the youngsters with the problems of depression or aggression the level of cortisol is either abnormally low or high.

The researchers analyzed the samples of saliva of 96 youngsters during early adolescence. Then they matched the cortisol levels to the behavioral assessments observed in the childhood and the adolescence. The behavioral problems were classified as externalizing like attention problems or aggression and internalizing like anxiety or depression.

Paula Ruttle, the lead author of the study explains that the levels of cortisol were abnormally high during the onset of the problem. However, the levels were abnormally low when the problem continued for a long time.Thus, the behavioral problem should be treated as soon as it begins. The study is published in the journal Hormones and Behavior.

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