Brain’s Response Makes Fructose Fattening

Study at the Oregon Health & Science University explains how brain reacts in a different way to fructose compared to glucose. Using fructose as a sweetener in the processed foods has become quite common these days. This has added to the obesity epidemic in the US. The reason behind fructose being fattening lies in the brain’s response to it. It is the brain that controls the body weight.

Jonathan Purnell, M.D., Associate Professor at the OHSU School of Medicine, says that it is a known fact that brain responds differently to different nutrients. The brain’s response determines how much we eat. The research was conducted on 9 individuals with normal weight. Their brain activity was watched using functional MRI. The participants were given an infusion of glucose, fructose and saline solution. The activity of the brain in the hypothalamus was not affected by either glucose or fructose. This area controls the food intake. However, activity in the cortical areas was activated when glucose was given and inhibited during fructose infusion.

This study is important for people to maintain their weight. They should keep a check on their fructose intake and processed foods. The study is published in the journal Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism.

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