Sun Exposure and Higher Vitamin D Levels Might Reduce the Risk of Developing MS

Recent Australian study says that the people who are more exposed to the sun and who those with higher levels of Vitamin D are at a lower risk of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The researchers tried to study the sun exposure and the Vitamin D status when the very first symptoms of the condition manifested.

Roby Lucas and his colleagues, from Australian National University observed about 216 patients who showed the first symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis between 2003 and 2006. They compared them to about 400 people of the same area in Australia, without the MS symptoms. People with the onset of MS had smaller “UV” doses. They had about 5% to 10% lower levels of Vitamin D than people without MS.

However, over exposure to the sunlight might lead to skin cancer. Therefore, Lucas suggests that frequent and smaller sun exposure can help in maintaining the required Vitamin D levels and also for other health benefits.

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