Removal Of Lymph Nodes Might Not Be Necessary In The Early Stage Of Breast Cancer

According to the American researchers, women who are in their early stage of breast cancer might not need a surgery to the cancerous lymph nodes in their armpit. The study is published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. This knowledge can spare many women the uncomfortable side-effects and the pain followed by this procedure.

The researchers found that removing just one or a couple of sentinel nodes, the lymph nodes where the cancer spread the first, will allow the women to live as long as the patients who have had more than a couple of nodes removed from under the arm. Implementing this practice of removing just a few nodes can reduce complications and improve the quality of life for the patients.

The removal of the lymph nodes might result in a painful condition called lymphedema (swelling) as the lymph fluids are not able to travel freely in the body. All this can be avoided if the study can be put into practice.

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