Married and Divorced

Which is best between the two – marriage and divorce? Firstly, this is a hypothetical question. I know, the question cannot be answered in one line and if I am right, you are already going around in circles to find an answer. But now that divorce has become a part of almost all our lives, what do you think would actually give you more joy – getting married or getting divorced?

Marriage, Divorce and Celebs: Speaking of marriage and divorce, the best examples we can cite are our very renowned celebrities. How many celebs can you remember, both male and female who have been married more than once? Alright, the list can be a bit big. Let me rephrase the question, how many celebrities can you remember who never got divorced? Probably finding an answer can be a bit tough.

The reason for me citing celebrities as an example is because we get to read and hear about them everywhere. The paparazzi can never get enough of them and neither can we.

But look at this in a perspective, probably celebs get divorced because of their hectic work schedules, larger lifestyles, attitude problems etc. I am not saying they have the right to do so, but they have several reasons (which morally may not be correct) to justify themselves for breaking a marriage.

What About Us?: The happiest moment in one’s life, be it a man or woman, is one’s marriage. But, why does the happiness fade away as we get into the walk of life? Most people would beg to differ with this statement. But, in a way, it is true. If we were to be always happy with our married lives, there would never have been a concept of divorce.

In a bid to rid oneself of a married bond, we are forgetting a very crucial product of marriage – children. Rather than the couple themselves, it is the kids who have to face the wrath of a divorce.

Rethink: If the reasons are valid enough for a divorce, there is no stopping it. But, everything in life needs a second chance and so does a troubled marriage.

One of the major consequences of breaking a marriage is a remarriage. But, there is definitely no guarantee, that your remarriage would be a successful one which could again lead to a divorce.

If this cycle were to continue, there might come a day when only first names would exist and surnames would vanish.

According to a survey, the percentage of divorces in the United States in the year 2007 was 54.8 when compared to India’s 1.1 (the lowest in the world). Marriage is more than a legal contract..

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