Lack of Sleep Might Increase the Risk of Colon Cancer

A study conducted by the researchers from the University Hospitals (UH), says that individuals who sleep less than six hours at night, on an average, are at about 50% higher risk of colorectal adenomas than those who sleep for about seven hours at night. Adenomas, if left untreated, might turn malignant. Lack of sleep has already been associated with a higher risk of diabetes, heart diseases and even death. The recent study shows that it might lead to colon cancer too.

The researchers surveyed the patients over the phone before they came to the hospital for colonoscopies. They got information about the patients’ sleep quality during the previous month. Out of 1,240 surveyed patients, 338 patients were diagnosed with colorectal adenomas. These patients also reported of sleeping less than six hours.

It is yet unknown why insufficient sleep might lead to adenomas. However, improving the sleep quantity and quality can help us ward off many health problems to a certain extent, including colon cancer.

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