E-Cigarettes Might Help Smokers Quit Smoking

According to a study by the researchers of the Boston University School of Public Health, electronic cigarettes seem to a great option for people who want to give up smoking. As per another study published online, 31% respondents reported of quitting smoking after six months of buying an electronic cigarette. The average rate of six-month abstinence for other nicotine replacement products like the nicotine gum or patches is just between 12% and 18%.

An electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, is a battery-operated device which provides tobacco-less dose of nicotine in vaporized solution. An online survey of about 222 buyers of the electronic cigarettes was conducted. About 67% reported that they have reduced the number of times they smoked after using the e-cigarettes.

Michael Siegel, the lead author of the study, feels that this is a promising way to quit smoking. However, many have doubted the effectiveness of these electronic cigarettes since it was launched in the market some three years ago. This study might prove that it is a good idea to try out e-cigarettes to kick the butt.

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