Yoga for Fertility


Can yoga help women overcome infertility? Being childless can the tax the mind, leading to loneliness. To help infertile couples, classes proclaiming ai???yoga for fertilityai??? are becoming popular in the U.S.

To be sure, there is no research evidence to prove that yoga helps infertility patients. But, still there are plenty of takers. Yoga for fertility aficionados say they learn coping skills to reduce stress. And, they gain a support group.

Many women open up in these yoga classes as they help take their mind off setbacks. The women participants can open their hearts and receive encouragement and support from other women who are in a similar boat. Thus, these yoga classes promote openness and friendship.

Factors that can affect fertility include caffeine, alcohol, smoking, certain medications, and being underweight or overweight. Stress can also reduce the chances of conception. This is where yoga steps in, as it is a great relaxation technique. Therefore, it is not surprising that many famous medical and infertility centers are organizing yoga classes.

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