Woman Finds Man More Attractive When She Is Not Sure of His Feelings

According to an interesting study by the researchers of the University of Virginia and the Harvard University, a woman tends to be more attracted to someone when she is not sure how much he loves her. The study is published in a journal of the Association for Psychological Science called Psychological Science.

47 female undergraduates from the University of Virginia took part in this study. They were told that it was an experiment to find out whether Facebook can work as a successful online dating site. They were also told that male students from different universities would view their profile and that of 20 other females and rate them. These women were shown four fictitious profiles. First group was told that these four men liked them a lot, second one was told that the men found them average and the third group women were not sure whether the men liked them or not. Women in the first group were more attracted to the men than those in the second group. However, the women in the third group found the men most attractive when they weren’t sure if these men liked them or not.

According to the researchers, when a woman is not sure about a man’s feelings for her, she would spend more time thinking about him. The more she dwells on the guy, the more attractive he becomes for her.

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