School Lunches Cause Obesity

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Recent research reveals that school lunch plays an important role in the childhood obesity epidemic in the U.S. The study surveyed 1,000 students in Michigan schools and found that students who ate school lunch enhanced their chances of obesity by 29%, compared to those who ate lunch brought from home.

Other behaviors which increased the risk of obesity by 19% are playing video games or watching television for more than two hours a day. Half the obese students surveyed said they regularly ate lunch bought at school.

The reason school lunches are the culprit is because they are low in nutrients and high in calories. Schools opt for this unhealthy lunch because it is cheaper, says Dr Kim Eagle of the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center, who authored the research paper.

The government has already taken notice of the fat lunches sold at school. The Department of Agriculture has issued guidelines to restrict the amount of calories served in school meals. Schools will now have to include more vegetables and fruits in their meals.

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  3. um actually if she does stop eating, that could kill her and brng many diseases and its kinda messed up that u would say that its not funny at all

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