Sad Food – Can Food Cause Depression?

Do you know that eating food can make you feel bluesy and sad? Quite astonishing, right? We used to believe till now that only psychological disturbances are the main causative agents of depression. Also, a few food items were thought to alleviate the symptoms of depression. On the contrary, it is now being noticed that specific food types can make you feel bluesy if consumed in excess.

Sad Food - Can Food Cause Depression? 1

Scientists have reported that eating food which contains saturated fats and trans fat could contribute to depression. The study appears in the medical journal, PLoS One. Read on to discover more about this study and its revelations.

About the Study
In Spain, a group of researchers from the universities of Navarra and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria followed 12,059 people for six years. They analyzed their medical problems, lifestyle and diets. The participants who consumed the most amount of trans fat had a startling 48% high risk of depression when compared with those who did not eat trans fat. Trans fat are most commonly found in fast food and pastries.

People who consumed a lot of polyunsaturated fats had a lower risk of depression. Polyunsaturated fats are a healthier version of fats which are found in olive oil.

Sad Food - Can Food Cause Depression?

The Final Outcome
This study was conducted on such a population which does not follow a traditional diet that is high in trans fats. However, the link between depression and high trans fat diet was still established. According to the researchers, in those countries where the trans fats average intake is high, the contribution of the trans fats to depression can be more stronger. One such country is the United States.

Many individuals who have a heart disease also have depression, as noted by the authors. One of the proposed theories is that trans fats is responsible for both disorders through a similar mechanism.

The trans fats even increase the incidence of inflammation in the body. Inflammation contributes to plaque buildup in the heart which can lead to heart disease. The substances secreted by inflammation in the brain can interfere with the neurotransmitters. This is responsible for affecting the mood.

Avoid Foods High in Trans Fats
Here is a list of foods which contain high trans fats which you should avoid eating. The list includes:
Sad Food - Can Food Cause Depression? 2

  • Baked foods like cookies, pastries and cakes
  • Nondairy creamer
  • Fried foods like French fries
  • Snacks like crackers and chips
  • Fast foods

Hence, if you want to beat the blues and have a positive outlook, avoid eating foods which are high in trans fats. Eat healthy and be merry!

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