Want That Girl’s Phone Number? Get it With A Love Song!!!

ai???It’s only words; and words are all I have; to take your heart awayai???, crooned the Bee Gees. But the recent studies suggest that words can actually take a woman’s heart away. According to the French researchers, women are more likely to give their phone numbers to ai???average-lookingai??? young men if they happen to listen to a romantic background music. So, all you single men take the help of love songs to get a Valentine this year. The study is published in the journal, Psychology of Music.

The Research
Researchers CAi??line Jacob and Nicolas GuAi??guen, UniversitAi?? de Bretagne-Sud, along with Lubomir Lamy, UniversitAi?? de Paris-Sud, wanted to study the effect of romantic songs on women. Earlier the researchers were a part of the team that demonstrated how a romantic number played at a florist leads the male customers to spend more money. For this study, the researchers used questionnaires to prove their point. They chose two French songs ai???Je l’aime Ai?? mourirai???, a love song, and ai???L’heure du thAi??ai???, a neutral song. Few young women picked 12 young attractive men and the researchers chose one ai???averageai??? looking young man for the experiment. They set up a scene where 87 women (in the age group 18-20) had to wait in a waiting room with the music playing in the background. They were asked to perform a task and then asked to wait for the result. While waiting, the ai???averageai??? male would come up to them and introduce himself as ai???Antonieai???. He would then tell her that he finds her nice and ask for the phone number. He would also tell her that he would like to take her out for a drink.

The Result
According to the researchers the love song in the waiting room would double the chances of Antoine to get the woman’s number. 52% women responded positively to his advances when the romantic ballad was playing. Only 28% offered their details after listening to the neutral song.

The Conclusion
According to the researchers media has a very powerful effect on our behavior. Violent video games and aggressive music increase the chances of aggressive behavior, feelings and thought. Similarly, media exposure can influence the other spectrum of the behavior too. Music induces positive effect which is associated with being receptive to the courtship requests. The romantic lyrics act as prime that leads to the display of behavior linked with that prime. Further research on this use of love songs to floor the opposite sex is required before the scientists can generalize this concept. Meanwhile, let the Frank Sinatras and the Billy Joels of the music world talk for you.

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