Violent Ads During Super Bowl Might Amplify Aggressive Thoughts in Kids

Researchers at the Iowa State University feel that violent commercials broadcast during a sporting event, which also has violent content, might amplify the aggressive thoughts in children. The Super Bowl gets the year’s biggest audience, making it the most lucrative event for the advertisers to air their new commercials.The researchers noted that the kids who watched violent advertisements have aggressive thoughts. The Super Bowl violence might have a negative compounding effects on these children.

According to Russell Laczniak, Professor of marketing at the ISU’s College of Business and one of the authors of the study, when violent content is shown in advertisement in context of football there is a potential for the kids to respond to it aggressively. However, this effect can be lowered by parents as co-viewers. They can distract the children during commercials by discussing the effects of violence with them. This also seems to be highly impossible since the parents themselves are engrossed in the sport.

The research focused on groups of 40 parents and 42 children to find out their perception of the violence in media and how it influences kids. Parents did not express any concern about violence in the ads because as per the parents and the kids violence is associated with ai???bloodai???. Animated violence is not taken seriously. However, scientists feel children are at an increasing risk of engaging in such aggressive behavior.

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