Blood Clotting Agent Might Diagnose Life-Threatening Genetic Diseases

According to a study conducted by the scientists at the University of Manchester, a protein which helps in the clotting of the blood can be useful in diagnosing and monitoring childhood genetic diseases.The researchers could show that heparan cofactor II/Thrombin (HCII/T) complex, a clotting agent, can be used as biological tell in people with mucopolysaccharide (MPS) diseases.

MPS diseases are caused by genetic defect which affetcts the ability of the body to break down the complex sugars in the blood stream and the cells. This results in various symptoms like abnormal skeletal development, mental decline or premature death.

According to Dr Brian Bigger, lead researcher from Manchester’s MPS Stem Cell Research Laboratory, HCII/T complex can distinguish between the untreated patients with MPS diseases and the unaffected ones. These diseases are difficult to treat, however, with this advance knowledge, scientists can diagnose the condition and treat the patients much more effectively.

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