A Glass Of Milk Daily Might Reduce Cancer Risk

According to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, drinking milk during childhood can reduce the chances of developing cancer in the adulthood. The scientists from New Zealand observed that children who drank half a pint of milk every day had strong protective effect against the cancer. However, the effect of milk lies in its long-term consumption.

The researchers found that kids drinking milk are 40% less likely to develop bowel cancer when they grow up. According to Professor Brian Cox, the lead researcher of the study, this reduction in the instance of bowel cancer in adults who drank milk during their childhood might be due to the action of the calcium.

The experts feel that the calcium assists in killing the cancer cells. Therefore, a steady supply of calcium in the system might be good to fight off the cancer. Now you have another reason to force your kid to have that glass of milk.

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