Emotional and Social Programs can Enhance Students’ Skills

The study conducted by the researchers at the University of Illinois and the Loyola University Chicago found that the emotional and social programs improve the attitude and behaviour of the students. They are also said to boost the academic performance of the scholars.

The researchers of the study reviewed about 213 school-based social and emotional learning programs which involved more than 270,000 students. These programs aim at promoting the abilities of the students in various areas like managing and recognizing emotions, maintaining positive relationships, making sensible decisions, setting and achieving the goals and handling interpersonal situations.

The scientists noticed that students who attended the progames showed significant improvement in their social and emotional skills, positive social behaviour and caring attitude. Their emotional distress and disturbing behaviour had also declined. Their academic performance had also improved.

According to the lead author, Joseph A. Durlak, professor of psychology at Loyola University Chicago, the study brings forth the importance of inculcating well-designed and carefully executed emotional and social learning programs in the educational practice. These programs do not interfere in the students’ academics, instead they enhance their skills in other area which are vital in the daily lives of the students and for future functioning. The study is published in the journal, Child Development.

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