Poor Work Ability in Middle Age is a Sign of Declining Health in the Old Age

A study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal states that the poor work ability during midlife might predict the health deterioration and poor functioning in the old age. The Finnish researchers observed middle-aged employees in both white-collar as well as blue-collar jobs in this 28 year long population based study.

In 1981, about 5971 employees in the age group 44 to 58 reported about their perceived ability to work. This report was a part of the longitudinal study by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. By 2009, about 1918 employees had died.

Dr. Mikaela von Bonsdorff, University of JyvAi??skylAi??, Finland, says that the person’s mid-life work ability might predict the health and the functioning in the declining years. Bonsdorff points out that the poor work ability among the middle-aged employees is a warning sign of declining health in the old age. Similar gradients were shown in the blue-collar and white-collar jobs. But the risk of death was higher among the blue-collar employees. However, the work inabilities can be addressed by adjusting the environmental demands. Therefore, it is important to take care of your work ability to stay fit in the old age.

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