Owning a Pet Can Make You Healthy

According to some researchers, you can stay hale and hearty when you have a pet in your life. Rebecca Johnson, Associate Professor in University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction (ReCHAI) says, ai???Pets are of great importance to people, especially during hard economic timesai???. When you own a four legged furry pet, it would help encourage you for exercise, lower blood pressure and also improve psychological health.

Pets help shape our life in various ways. We often think of the comfort and happiness our pets bring us, but may they also help in providing us numerous mental and physical health benefits. This article talks about the various ways in which pets help us to stay hale and hearty, read on for more information.

Owning a Pet Can Make You Healthy

The following are a few health benefits that you and your pet share:

  • Exercise ai??i?? Pets are always a good reason for fitness of a person. Dog owners are aware of the fact that their dogs are always ready to go for a walk any time of the day. The enjoyment your dog gets from a walk or a run can really motivate you to do more.
  • Companionship ai??i?? Being alone can lead to several damages on your physical and mental health. Pets like cat can play an important role in a single person’s home. They provide you reliable companionship when you are unable to find it in human company. For elderly people, who are alone at home, pet can be a great idea for their companionship and can also act as a support system.
  • Fresh air ai??i?? Almost every animal love to be outside and enjoy fresh air. So, to keep them healthy you have to take them to the outside and there are innumerable benefits of fresh air and helps keep you mentally and physically healthy.
  • Positivity ai??i?? Pets turn out to be great philosophers and they help you teach the positive approach to the life. They always seek relaxation and fun no matter what the situation is. This can be passed onto their owners and give a significant boost to their mental health.
  • Traveling ai??i?? People who own dog know that their pets love to explore new areas and thus, pets can be a great adventurer tool for you. Traveling has a positive impact on mental health and your pet will also love it too.
  • Socializing ai??i?? Pets create a healthy environment at home. They love seeing you in the home, when you return from the office and they also enjoy being in your friend’s company. Your social life is dependent on your mental health and your pets flourish in the company of others. So, when you have many friends in your home, it will help benefit you as well as your pet.
  • Stress buster ai??i?? Pets can be a major relieving factor for your stress and help keep you grounded.
  • Family ai??i?? Pets are a major cause of togetherness of family members and helps them keep united. If any family is suffering with any loss, having pets in home can help revitalize their lives and boost mental and physical health.
  • Diet ai??i?? When you monitor your pet’s diet to stay away from hefty pet insurance claims, you can also control your own diet. The awareness about portion size adjustment and their nutrition can also be applied on your own diet and daily nutritional requirements.

Pets Can Make You Healthy

Pet owners actually take time out to care for their pet’s well being which may include usual maintenance, bathing, walking and feeding. These activities in turn reduces your anxiety level, blood pressure, tension, heart beat reduction and they also help in releasing beta endorphins in a person’s body. There are various other advantages of having a pet in your house, which simply cannot be measured.

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