New York City Bans Smoking in Parks and Beaches


New York City Council has decided to ban smoking in the city’s parks and beaches. This is considered to be the most important antismoking move since smoking was prohibited in bars and restaurants in 2002. The council affirmed that nonsmokers should not be affected by secondhand smoke.

But, the move is not without its critics, who charge that it is an affront to individual liberties. They contend that New York city is moving towards a totalitarian society. Those who go against the smoking ban will be fined $50. But, the city’s council says its goal is not to increase revenue or make arrests, just better public health. The ban also intends to reduce trash and waste in public areas.

A 2009 study had revealed that 57% of nonsmoking New Yorkers had recently been exposed to cigarette smoke as gauged by a higher amount of nicotine remnants in their blood. The ban would also be enforced in plazas and pedestrian malls.

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