Mother’s Milk and Maternal Love Make the Infant Less Vulnerable to Stress

A research by the Douglas Mental Health University Institute claim that the quantity and the quality of maternal milk and the contact between the mother and the infant influence the stress response in adult offspring. Mother’s love greatly affects the development of the offspring’s brain. The maternal care makes the brain less susceptible to stress.

The scientists carried out the experiment on rodents. High-fat maternal feeding during the lactational period reduces the stress responsiveness in the neonatal pups. In addition to this, the researchers also noticed that the affectionate licking of the pups by the mother also have the similar effect on the little ones. They were less vulnerable to the stressful situations.

Walker, director of the Neuroscience Research Division at the Douglas and her team, suggest that the study will help in improving the health of the infants. The health and development of the infant largely depends on the nutritional quality and the quantity of the mother’s milk along with lots of maternal love.

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