Energy Drinks May be Dangerous

red bull

Scientists are expressing worries about popular energy drinks with high amounts of caffeine such as Full Throttle, Monster, Rockstar and Red Bull. Researchers from Australia’s University of Queensland and Houston’s University of Texas Health Science Center have reviewed the ingredients in energy drinks. Their research results question the safety and effectiveness of these beverages.

The researchers said the amounts of caffeine in energy drinks can affect brain function, heart rate and blood pressure in susceptible drinkers. They revealed four cases of caffeine-linked deaths as well as five other cases of seizures after consuming energy drinks.

The researchers are also worried about the long-term effects of energy drinks. They urge the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to start regulating this market. Currently there are few restrictions on the ingredients in energy drinks. Manufacturers call them ai???dietary supplementsai??? to bypass federal regulations that oversee juices and sodas. Another cause for concern is the increasing popularity of energy drinks among youth athletes who believe they can enhance athletic performance.

Besides, energy drinks can be disastrous when consumed in combination with alcohol. This increases the risk of dangerous behaviors such as drunken driving. In March 2009, Donte’ Stallworth, a popular football player, ran over a pedestrian while driving after drinking lots of Tequila mixed with a Red Bull.

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