Role of the Organ Liver and Protein Diet in Fertlity

Researchers from the University of Milan, Italy have found that estrogen receptors in the liver play an important role in fertility. The expression of these receptors is found to be linked to the amino acids which are the building blocks of life. The results of the study are published in the February issue of Cell Metabolism.

The study was carried out on experimental mice, but, can have serious implications when extended onto the humans. Some of the insights of this research are:

  • Mice with no estrogen receptors and placed on calorie-restricted diet had low levels of an important reproductive hormone IGF-1.
  • Discrepancies in reproductive cycles were corrected when these mice were fed diet rich in protein.
  • Intake of fatty or carbohydrate diet did not change fertility or estrogen receptors to any extent.
  • The study provides an explanation for why people suffering from the eating disorder anorexia are infertile generally.
  • Low estrogen levels during menopause might be responsible for increased risk of metabolic and inflammatory disease in women during this period.

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