Is Sex in Pregnancy Safe?

Is it safe or is it not? A lot of pregnant women might have wondered about this question. Well, the answer is here. A group of doctors who are from Canada have published a research which says that sex in pregnancy is safe.

The study named ai???Sex in Pregnancyai??? was presented in the latest issue of Canadian Medical Association Journal. The findings of the study show that there is no reason why women cannot have sex in pregnancy, especially if they have low risk pregnancy.

Lead researcher Dr. Clair Jones stresses on the normalcy of having sex in pregnancy. ai???Sex in pregnancy is not dangerous, it is normal. There are really few risks of intercourse in women who have low risk pregnancy.ai??? Dr. Jones said.

However, some precautions should be taken by the women who have high risk pregnancy. The doctors suggest that they should avoid sex until childbirth. Especially, there are some cases in which a woman should avoid having sex in pregnancy if there is any history of treatment or if she has any genital infection which is called placenta previa.

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