Fever in the First Three Months of Pregnancy

It is normal to have fever in pregnancy according to the experts. Pregnant women could have fever sickness like other women. In such case, what you need to do is presented here in this article.

The ideal way is to avoid the people who have fever, cold or flu, especially in the first three months of pregnancy. Doctors say that having fever in 1. trimester (first three months) could cause some conditions on the health of the baby.

They highlight that the reason of the fever should be diagnosed correctly. Because, some women have normal fever which does not cause any harm on the health of the baby.

The Preventions that Should Be Taken

Changes in hormones could cause decrease in strength. And, it makes pregnant women prone to have flu infections. They also say that mothers-to-be need to be careful about keeping the fever below 38°.

Experts highlight on the consumption of vitamin C as much as possible. They say that pregnant women should avoid tiredness and stress. According to their opinions, mothers-to-be should get a good rest and drink plenty of water. They can use some medicines which are suggested by doctors.

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