A Pet Running Democracy Can Prove to Be Dangerous

Everyone of us love our pets, that’s the reason we grow them, allow them into our rooms and even allow them to sleep along with us on our beds. If this were to become a habit for pets, which eventually would, the consequences can be dangerous. Pet running democracy or a petocracy as it is usually called can lead to some unwanted troubles both in personal as well as social lives.

Petocracy: This phenomenon has become increasingly evident in the day-to-day lives of many people. In petocracy, pets are given an equal share of honour (sometimes even greater) in the daily routine. But, this is not a good environment to dwell in. Let us look at a few instances.

How many of you have pet dogs? I’m sure when you have your dog as a pet, it becomes imperative that you walk the dog everyday. Not even a single day can be missed, for the dog would express its anguish. The same, when it comes to social outings. You don’t go out any more citing your dog or a cat as a reason. Even if you have to go, the pet has to accompany you for sure.

But of all the places, petocracy is the most evident in bedrooms. The results of a recent survey reveals that around 62 percent of people who own cats allow them to sleep in their beds along with them. But, a study conducted by the University of California suggests that people who sleep alongside their pets are more vulnerable to developing most general illnesses.

Dangerous Habit: By sleeping alongside your pets, you are risking yourself and leaving yourself vulnerable to around 100 serious illnesses. In 1974, the owner of a pet developed plague because he slept with his pet cuddled against him. This is a very rare case though.

  • A certain parasite that infects dogs, can cause fatal digestive and heart problems in humans when you allow the pet to sleep with you.
  • A cat scratch can damage the liver, spleen or kidney because of a bacterial infection that can spread with a claw scratch.

Impact on Relationships: There have been cases where couples have ended relationships, thanks to pets. A veterinary specialist from Britain also suggests that most people pay more attention to their pets than their children. So much so, they would allow their pets to sleep alongside them, but not their children.

A pet psychologist from the UK suggests that the reason for the increase in petocracy is the fear of rejection. It is great to be loved by pets, but there are certain boundaries to that and when these boundaries are exceeded, it is not beneficial for both the owner and the pet.

Pets are to know who’s the master in the house and they need to be shown their place. Pets can in no way be allowed to run your house and lives.

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