Tips for Back Pain

back pain

Back pain can affect your daily life, hampering you from performing even simple tasks. There are many causes of back pain such as bad posture, injury or stress. If you are suffering from this condition, read on to learn a few useful tips for back pain.

Tips for Back Pain

  • Stay in bed for a couple of days. But, do not prolong your bed rest longer than that, as inactivity can start to weaken your muscles, which would worsen the pain.
  • Apply ice to the painful area for about 20 minutes, many times during the day. After a couple of days, start applying heat. Besides, heat and ice, you can also get a massage to relieve muscle spasms and back pain.
  • You can use some useful over-the-counter medications to relieve pain and reduce swelling.
  • Inactivity can actually worsen the pain. So, try a few minutes of low-impact exercises such as swimming and walking.
  • A tip for the ladies. Shelve your stilettos and opt to wear sensible and supportive flats.
  • An overweight person puts additional weight on their back, especially if the extra kilos are around their waistline. So, get cracking and try to reduce your weight through a sensible regimen of good diet and effective exercise.
  • Smokers are at greater risk of suffering from back pain as their venal habit reduces oxygen levels in the tissues of the spine. This condition can increasing their healing time from back pain.
  • Good posture is important to avoid back pain. Stand tall and avoid slouching. Pull in your stomach and keep your chin up.
  • If your office job involves sitting for long hours, ensure your chair has great back support. The computer screen should be level with your eyes. Avoid sitting continuously for long hours, and take a break after every hour to go for a stroll.
  • If you have to do some heavy lifting, don’t twist your back, but keep it straight. The weight should be borne by your legs. If the object is too heavy, ask another person to help you out.

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