Respiratory Allergy Patients Show Increase

Doctors at several Government hospitals including SRN and TB Sapru hospitals have noticed an increase in respiratory allergy patients. Dr Sam Meesum, Senior Medical Officer said that there has been a rise in respiratory allergy patients, who are consulting chest physicians. He also said that as far as allergies are concerned, it is the response of the immune system to allergens.

For many people, this reaction produces some chemical substances in body called histamines. These can be mildly toxic and develop unwanted which appear like respiratory problems and skin rashes.

A weak immune system is more prone to allergies. Weak immune system is caused by fatigue, illness or stress. The elderly and young are more weak to allergy symptoms due to their weaker immune systems. Symptoms may include coughing, nasal congestion, wheezing and sneezing which indicate respiratory, asthma or drug allergies. Itchy throat, eyes and mouth are the common symptoms of respiratory allergy.

Heartburn, stomachache and frequent indigestion are the symptoms of food sensitivities. Reddening, itchy, irritated or swelling skin is related with the drug, insect sting and food allergies. Pain, swollen joints and stiffness can be the symptoms of drug or food allergies. Dr. Meesum also said that people suffering from allergies must consult doctor and follow his precautions.

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