Recent Studies Reveal that 2/3rds of UK Suffers from Insomnia

This research study made by health experts of UK was published by the Mental Health Foundation (MHF). It was revealed that nearly 2/3rds of UK population suffer from sleeping difficulties. The issue has grown to large numbers during recent years says the researchers.

There was a survey made among 10 individuals. Out of them, 6 individuals faced difficulty to sleep at nights and very rarely they slept for more than 7 hours. It was found that these people were suffering from insomnia. Nealy a third of people hard hard time to sleep at nights for years together.

The study also gave the findings that individuals suffering from insomnia are 4 times more likely to be at risk of developing relationship problems and mood swings. Even they are 2 times more at risk of developing fatigue and energy fluctuations especially at day times. Keeping these points in view, the MHF started developing sleep campaigns to tell the importance of sleep and its related issues to the public.

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