Publix Recalls Ice Cream Due to Allergy Dangers

Publix is calling back a batch of ice creams which could cause dangers reaction for people allergic reaction to almonds. The lot code of the product on below the carton is Sep 12 2011 B7 PLT 12-444, the easiest clue is packaging: this product is packaged with an Almond Fudge Light Ice Cream and a Light Tiramisu Ice Cream carton.

These packages could contain almonds which don’t appear on the label of the carton, said Gary Black, Georgia Agriculture Commissioner.

People who are allergic or highly sensitive to almonds may experience serious or life threatening allergic reaction, when they consume this particular product. Black said that recall may afflict Publix stores in Georgia and other 4 states: Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida and Alabama.

He also said that Publix came to know the problem when a person observed the mix-matched packaging.

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