Obesity Comes With an Unhealthy Lifestyle

A study conducted by the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center, have found that obese children eat school lunch instead of the lunch that is being packed from home and they spend 2 hours playing video games or watching TV.

The study includes 1,003 6th graders from Michigan in a school health programme. They have stated that unhealthy eating habits are increasing the child obesity trend. Senior author Kim A. Eagle has told that children who are extremely overweight, might need genetic screening.

He adds on by saying that the rest of the children decrease the recreational screen time by increasing the physical activity and improves the nutritional value of the school lunch. This can be one such thing that can reverse the present trend of childhood obesity.

Children are involved in Project Healthy Schools, which is a school based program that is supported by different communities and by the U-M Health System. These programs helps them to teach the middle school students everything about the healthy lifestyles. This is done only with the hope of decreasing the risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Researchers have observed that 58% of obese kids watch 2 hours of TV, when compared to the 41% of non-obese children. One more thing that they observed was that exercise and eating pattern of these obese kids had a vast difference when compared to their peers.

Finally they concluded that lifestyle is closely linked with child obesity than genetics.

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