Music Mania – The Influence of Music!

Music is a powerful source which causes an overwhelming feeling in us. These emotions and feelings are strong and gripping – mostly irresistible – and they seem to emerge out from nowhere. These emotions and feelings generate a behavioral pattern, affect our perceptions and color our moods. One can not deny that music has the strength to evoke emotions. It is very hard to find someone for whom music does not evoke any emotions. Very few people are immune to the mellifluous strains and neutral to its soothing effects. Undeniably, music inevitably taps the mysterious, still, deep well of your emotions. Read on to know more about the influence of music in our life.

Music Mania - The Influence of Music 3

The power of music is such that it can generate various emotional responses in different people. Also, it can influence different responses in the same individual at different time frames. The mellifluous strains can produce a range of emotions – invigorating, unstimulating, unsettling, boring, festive, exciting, relaxing, peaceful…. The list is never ending!

Musicology – Mental and Physical Effects
Specific types of music can help us to relax. After a strenuous day, your favorite ballad singer, certain types of jazz or classical music can distract your mind from the worldly affairs and physically relax your body – you forget about your woes. On the contrary, fast, loud music with a strong beat can simply energize and exhilarate you. In reality, you tend to prefer one genre of music or artist, and some other time that’s the last thing you want to listen to.

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Musical Quotient (M.Q.) – Emotional Effects
There are several other ways in which music can affect you at an emotional level. An easy interpretation which will clearly demonstrate this point is a movie’s background score. The background music score can signal us when something ominous, threatening or scary is about to happen. By keeping your eyes shut, its very easy to tell what is happening on the screen just by the music alone in a thriller, horror or action movie. The same holds true for a romantic scene.

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Divinity of Music – Altered State of Consciousness
The soothing strains of music have always had a sacred feel. You can understand it better when you listen to modern religious music which still has a faint echo of other music from the past. If used correctly, then one of the principal powers of music can be implemented to induce an altered state of consciousness (ASC). This can range from a deeper state to a very relaxed state. One can experience the extraordinary realities. Hence, music is considered to be one of the entrance points to your inner state.

Music Mania - The Influence of Music

So, the power of music cannot be ignored as it can transform you from the state of restlessness to a state of tranquility. As told by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, “Without music life would be a mistake.”

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