Marriage Improves Mental and Physical Health

A new research published in the British Medical Journal states that there are many health benefits of marriage apart from increasing the lifespan. Researchers from the Cardiff University in Wales have stated that marriage improves the physical health of the husband and the mental health of the wife.

Top 4 Benefits of Staying Married

Marriage has shown to have long term benefits but again when coming to the teenage relationships, it shows that they have an increased risk of suffering from depression. For people between the age of 18 and 25 years, they provide mental health than physical health.

However, bad marriages are not beneficial as they cause ill health and single individuals have a better health when compared to stressful marital relationship. Breakups cause negative health and is distressing to both the couple.

Another amazing fact is that people with different partners have a shorter life time when compared to people who are on long term, healthy relationships. Researchers have also added that death rates have lowered up to 15%, for those individuals on long term, healthy relationships.

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