Marine Claims of Water Safety

A agency has challenged Maine Corps in U.S that water pollution in Camp Legeune is not dangerous. According to the former residents of Camp Lejeune, there is no association between the exposure to the health conditions and contaminated water.

According to St. Petersburg Times, Agency for Disease Registry and Toxic Substances is demanding for a retraction.

A much informative and cautious message is conveyed about the known human carcinogens present in the drinking water.

According to a study, there has been a low birth weight among many boys due to the exposure of their mother’s to a chemical present in the drinking water. This Agency is also planning to study the death rates of the residents of Lejeune who have died due to drinking of contaminated water.

People have signed up for Marine Corps registry and around 165,000 were exposed to the tainted water. These people were exposed to this condition since 1950’s. The levels of tainted water were found very high in public drinking water systems mostly.

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