Bill Gates Fights Against Polio

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a passionate fighter in the battle against polio. He has donated more than a billion dollars towards this effort. He regularly tours remote villages in India and Nigeria to study the impact of his philanthropy at the ground level.

But, many experts are asking whether the money spent on polio could be better used elsewhere. The annual expenditure for the fight against polio is $1 billion. Some experts say polio cannot be completely eradicated everywhere in the world. They say we can at best only control polio outbreaks.

But, Bill Gates believes otherwise. He says that if polio eradication is neglected, it could affect up to 200,000 children each year. But, polio is a hard disease to eradicate completely. In developing countries which have open sewers, up to 10 drops of polio vaccine are required.

There are other difficulties too. In Pakistan, some polio vaccinators have been killed, as the Taliban believes the fight against polio is nothing but a Western plot. Polio is also a migrating disease, hence it is hard to pinpoint and eradicate it once for all. Despite the high costs, many health experts concur with Bill Gates and agree that the money is well spent if polio can be eradicated, as it can save medical treatment costs in the future.

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