A Short Behavioral Therapy Treats Insomnia Effectively

A trial study made on 79 individuals of age 72 years gave out certain findings on how behavioral therapy helps to treat insomnia. The study was leaded by Dr. Daniel Buysse, director of the Sleep Medicine Institute and the associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh.

A small random study was conducted for 79 patients who were given brief behavioral therapies for about 4 weeks and a good response was observed. The therapy was based on questionnaires regarding sleep. It was found that nearly 55% of patients had no symptoms of insomnia and were completely cured from insomnia after 4 weeks.

This short behavioral therapy also provided better sleep and therefore aided good health. Dr. Daniel Buysse therefore concluded that ai???Short behavioral therapy is the most durable, simple and efficient treatment for chronic insomnia for older adults that showed both statistical and clinical improvements within a few months.ai???

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