Link Between Puberty Onset Age and Osteoporosis

Researchers have found that the age of puberty onset is closely linked to adult bone mineral density. Recent research also reveals that bone density is not affected by the length of puberty. Reduced bone mineral density can cause osteoporosis, which results in bones becoming more brittle and increase the risk of fracture.

“The Bone Mineral Density in Childhood Study (BMDCS)” found that 84 boys and 78 girls who had just started the puberty, until they entered sexual maturity. Gilsanz, director of Clinical Imaging says that “Puberty plays a very crucial role in bone development”.

Gilsanz also added that during this stage, bones increase and lengthen in density. And, the epiphyseal plates close at the last stage of puberty, terminating the bones ability to lengthen and increase the density. When this occurs, the adolescent has reached the peak bone mass and maximum adult height. Early puberty was linked with greater bone mass, where as later puberty resulted in lesser bone mass.

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